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Change Log

1 Dec 2006 Removed "Extended Resume" from nav
         Added Extended reume to resume page          moved change log link from nav to front page again. 5 May 2006 Added reserch files section
up to 16 Mar 2006 Added bounce back to login page
         added ical.yayitsdan.com
         Added yayitsdan.com
         added irc.yayitsdan.com
         added new CSS
         changed blog
         updated wall
         made site XHTML Transitional compliant
         added new pic thumbnail creation
         created mutiple picture upload page
         re-did weekly schedule
23 Jun 2005 Added not logged in user explainiation to wall
          added second CSS to site
          added custom error pages
          added address bar icon
22 Jun 2005 Added new indicators to header
          changed where CSSes are called from, to prepare for another couple of style sheets
14 Jun 2005 added chnage password
         added forgottn password and username applet
         asses e-mail service to registration
10 Jun 2005 Updated gallery to not display certain picture but archive them
         added wall archive
         completed user agreement
         rearranged header
         added resume page, so headder and fotter were on page
         changed extended resume
7 Jun 2005 Updated picture gallery to use more than one page
         Updated user admin stfuu now includes logout timeout option
         Login info in top left of screen
         Completed wall, good copy up and working
Still working on topics discussion room
         Added thumbnail script
6 Jun 2005
Added Picture Gallery
         User Admin
         Added Wall
3 Jun 2005 New site layout unvailed, plans for future improvement:
          Self Hosted Blog/Live Journal
          New Guestbook

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